Mission Statement

"Developing within each child the character of Christ in a challenging educational environment based on a Biblical world view."


Watertown Christian School partners with parents and their churches
to nurture children beyond Biblical knowledge towards a mature Christian faith and character.
Our Christ-honoring staff strives for academic excellence with Biblically-centered curriculum. Watertown Christian School equips students to live in the world, yet not be of the world.

Watertown Christian School seeks to grow in numbers and in Spirit to influence the world for Jesus Christ.

***“We want every child to know that they are worth Jesus Christ.”***

Core Values

  • Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ
  • Christ-centered staff and Biblically centered curriculum
  • Academic excellence in a loving and disciplined environment
  • Nurturing our children beyond Biblical knowledge towards a Biblical lifestyle
  • Equipping students to be the salt and light of the earth
  • Partnering with the family, church and school to train up our children
  • Proclaiming the Bible as the ultimate and final authority in all matters